Best things to buy in Israel

Hooray! You’ve had an incredible visit to our country. You have floated in the dead sea, tasted some amazing food, crossed roads with history that transported you back in time, and experienced spirituality that made you feel things like never before. As it is time for you to go back home and tell your loved ones how you have had a one-of-a-kind experience that will always be unforgettable. To always remember your trip to Israel, you should consider the best things to buy as souvenirs from Israel. 


So why not? After all, having something to remind you of your vacation is a fantastic idea. In addition to mementos from Israel for yourself, what about your friends, family, and coworkers, particularly those who have never visited but are intrigued by the Holy Land? What will you bring back for them? Don’t worry, you’re not going to come home empty-handed. And we will suggest much more than just the Dead Sea muck!  

Best things to buy in Israel and bring home from your trip: 


Israeli honey and milk have gotten some competition. These days, Israel is crazy about wine. The local wine industry has flourished in recent years. Wine enthusiasts will enjoy exploring vineyards or drinking a glass or two atop rooftop bars. Bring a handful of pristine whites home to recreate the Israeli summer mood wherever you are. Pelter’s Unwooded Chardonnay and Flam Blanc are two of our particular favorites, available at Israel Wine shops. 


You can also buy exclusive wines if you choose to go on a luxury wine trip.  


There is a pretty good chance you noticed beautiful and vibrantly colored palm-shaped amulets in shops and other indoor places. The Hamsa is a popular symbol of protection from the evil eye. It is found in many houses and establishments in the Middle East and North Africa. They are found in different ways, such as wall displays, paintings, bracelets, and even keyrings.  

It is often found in colors of blue and gold or silver, but recent multicolored versions are also available. A Hamsa is available in most markets and homeware stores. It can be one of the best things to buy in Israel to decorate your house. 

Israeli Art  

Israeli art ranges from traditional paintings to sculptures to photography and multimedia works. It stands out as strong, colorful, and inventive. Art pieces from Israel won’t just be a beautiful gift or the focal point of your house; they might also become a wise investment.  


David Gerstein: Perhaps the best-selling Israeli artist, David Gerstein’s works are bright and vibrant, ranging from canvas paintings to sculptures and hybrids of the two. His large workshop in Beth-Shemesh is available by appointment only. 


Ein Hod Artists Town: an artist’s village south of Haifa with a unique air. It is ideal for a stroll through quaint and quiet streets. You can have a chance to visit craftsmen’s houses, enjoy their art, and even participate in workshops. The community’s major art gallery is located in the middle of the village.  

Natural Soaps  

Toiletries are usually a fantastic present or keepsake, especially when empowerment is involved. We recommend getting your hands on Gamila Hiar’s natural soaps and oils. She is the first female Druze entrepreneur to convert her tiny firm into a global success. Her olive oil and herb-based products are not only prepared by local women, but they also smell delicious and work brilliantly. You can also choose more conventional but amusing goods from Israeli sellers like Sabon.  


Ornaments as souvenirs make excellent presents. It is something that many ladies and young girls love receiving, whether it is traditional or modern. Consider a Hebrew name necklace. Or how about a set of contemporary-style earrings from a new artist in the Jaffa Artists Quarter? For obvious reasons, Star of David pendants and rings are quite popular (and can come with biblical inscriptions). Eilat stone pieces (a gorgeous shade of blue-green) also make excellent gifts.  


It is worth knowing that it is legal to sell archaeology in Israel under strict regulation. Take a piece of history home!


Israel is called the land of milk and honey. Israeli cuisine will blow your mind, and you can bring some of it back in your suitcase. It will be a sin to go back without a snack or four! Israel is famous for its Medjool dates. They are produced in both the Arava desert and the Jordan Valley. You can also consider buying ‘Silan’. Silan is a delicious date honey syrup, native to Israel. You can gift these delicacies to your family or just spice up your food the Israeli way! This makes it one of the best things to buy in Israel. 


Halva, a sesame-based sweet (similar to fudge but prepared from a nut or tahini base rather than butter), is also tasty and easy to take in your bag.  


Olive oil is largely produced in the Galilee area. It is of high quality and ranges from mainstream to boutique brands. You may order it online or pick it up while on a day trip or driving tour in northern Israel. 


Finally, you cannot go back without Bamba! It is Israel’s favorite snack. Adored by babies, and adults alike, Bamba is a treat made of peanuts. It is utterly delicious and incredibly light. Hence, you can buy it in larger quantities! 


Buy something so you can keep the passion you felt in Israel close to your heart. Remember to enjoy whatever you buy!


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