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When focusing on Jewish heritage is a priority, make sure to visit at least some of the spots listed below. This recommendation also applies to inter-faith families. You may be celebrating a family event, an anniversary, or a Bar\Bat Mitzvah with several family generations. Here is some information that will help you think about the best path for you.


Which sites and topics should we focus on? 


  • Zionist history tours:

The foundation of modern Israel is a true miracle. Exploring the people and actions that led to the establishment of Israel will deepen the connection to it. Here are some important sites that relate  to the history of Zionism:

    1.  Kinneret Cemetery by the Sea of Galilee. This could be considered the secular “Arlington of Israel”. Some of the most famous pioneers as well as feminist zionists are buried in this famous cemetery.
    2. Ayalon Institute.  This was an underground bullet Factory during the war of independence. teenagers hit their actions from the British army and created an underground concealed bullet Factory.  this Factory was Paramount for the war of independence.
    3. Palmach Museum: This museum is an interactive experience. Through its 12 rooms, you join in personal conversations of the Palmach unit. 
    4. Military training: There are several short programs that allow you to experience what the security forces go through during training.  This is a great option for all ages. 
    5. Independence Hall: This is the house of the first mayor of Tel Aviv. It was used during the ceremony of the Declaration of the state of Israel.
    6. Yad Vashem:  this is the main government-funded Museum that commemorates the Holocaust. It is also possible to tour the museum through a “twinning project”. A single teenager who perished in the Holocaust will be introduced to the group for special remembrance.
    7. Mount Herzl military cemetery: This is where the founder of Zionism is buried. It also contains the plot of the great amongst the nation, including Prime Ministers and presidents of the state of Israel, such as Golda Meir and Yitzhak Rabin. 


  • Jewish tours:

Be sure to include some of these on your Jewish heritage tour.

    1. City of David:  the original Foundation of 3000-year-old Jerusalem is one of the most famous archaeological digs in the world.  Walk through the millennia-old tunnels that were carved to allow water into the city facing the Assyrian Siege. 

      City of David
    2. The Western Wall:

      No introduction is needed. the Western Wall is part of the retaining wall built by King Herod to enlarge the Jewish temple.  It is what every Jew around the world faces during prayer.

    3. The Western Wall tunnels

      Take a 1-hour expert tour adjacent to the foundation of the Temple Mount. Using computer models and seeing the huge ancient stones gives an amazing and realistic feel of how the temple used to look.

    4. Masada:

      Almost two thousand years ago, a group of Jews escaped Jerusalem to hide from the Romans. This was during a war against the Romans known as “the Great Revolt”. They arrived at Masada in the year 70. They lived there for three years without being noticed.  In the year 73, the Romans discovered the Jews and set camp outside Masada. Learn about one of the most famous battlegrounds while touring the Jewish town on top of Masada.

    5. Tsfat

      (Safed): Tsfat was established in the sixteenth century by Jewish descendants of the Spanish expulsion. Some of the most famous rabbis in Judaism lived on the spot and wrote Kabbalah books that are studied until today. Tsfat is also home to many beautiful Kabbalah-inspired art galleries as well as ancient synagogues.

    6. Beth Shearim

      Discovered accidentally by pioneer Alexander Zeid, he stumbled into a cave that contained sarcophagi.  After excavating, they found a Jewish necropolis from the 2nd Century.  This is where Rabbi Yehudah Hanasi edited the Mishnah and found his final resting place.

    7. Ancient synagogues in Galilee

      there are multiple ancient Jewish villages that contain amazing and almost complete synagogues. Magdala, Capernaum and Um-el Kanatir are great examples.

Beth Shearim

A few more thoughts to help you get the most out of your Jewish Heritage tour:


  1. Book meals ahead of time. Large tables in restaurants are uncommon In Israel. Any group of 7 and above is considered a large group and should be reserved well in advance.
  2. Multi-generational trips have to accommodate all ages and interests. If your trip is going to include people of various ages, make sure to include activities that are interesting for each age group on every single day. Remember it is impossible to keep everyone engaged all the time, but it is possible to keep most people engaged most of the time.
  3. Sometimes it’s good to take a break. Plan to have one less busy day during the middle of your trip. Alternatively, remember that some activities may not be suited for everyone.  In such a case it’s more than okay to skip an activity.

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