Tours from Tel Aviv

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Ignite your senses in Tel Aviv, a city pulsating with life and ranked among the world’s best for quality of living! As Israel’s first modern city, born in 1909, it’s where the state of Israel burst into existence in 1948. Venture into Tel Aviv, where modernity was embraced while other cities were under siege, and savor the vibrancy of Israeli life!

Here are some great ideas for tours and activities to enjoy while staying in Tel Aviv.


Neighborhood Tour of Tel Aviv


One of the oldest port cities on the planet, it was added to Tel Aviv after 1948. It has a beautiful artist colony overlooking the Mediterranean, as well as the Flea Market, one of the most desirable neighborhoods for young adults.

The American Colony

A little piece of New England in the Middle East. The first settlers from the West arrived here in 1869 and have a fascinating story to learn about.


This neighborhood was established in the 1930s and has some of the most vibrant street art scenes. You can take a whole tour of the neighborhood focusing on street art.

Graffiti in Florentin

Neve Tzedek

The “Paris” of Tel Aviv. This neighborhood was established in 1887 by those who left Jaffa. Some of Israel’s most famous founders and authors lived in this neighborhood. This neighborhood was also central to the project to resurrect the Hebrew language.

Rail Road Park in Tel Aviv

Rothschild Street

This is where the state of Israel was declared on May 14th, 1948. It is also famous for having the international architectural style also known as “Bauhaus”.

Rabin Square

In the year 1995 during a Pro peace demonstration, The prime minister of Israel was assassinated right outside City Hall.

Specialty Tour of Tel Aviv

One of our specialty tours is a tour revolving around the resurrection of the Hebrew language. You can read more about it here. Other options could include street art in South Tel Aviv or Food Tours of the market.

Museums of Tel Aviv

These include the Tel Aviv Art Museum, the Rabin museum and “Anu”, the Museum of Jewish communities (new museum, highly recommended). Another great option to check out is the Palmach Museum. Different from other museums, it offers an interactive experience that incorporates the participants in discussions during the war of independence.

Tours from Tel Aviv, a Short Drive Away:

A wine tour of the Judean Hills.

For more information about this link here.

Caesarea and Acre (Akko).

On this tour, you will be exploring two of Israel’s ancient capitals. While Jerusalem was the capital of the Jews for the past three thousand years, the conquerors of Israel established other administrative capitals. Two thousand years ago King Herod, appointed by the Romans, established Caesarea, the most advanced Port City on the planet. 800 years ago the Crusaders established their capital in the northern Port City of Akko.

Zichron Yaakov

19th-century Zionism and the first wineries in Israel. This tour combines the history of Zionism alongside the history of the first modern industry in Israel. The Rothschild family supported this early modern community as well as the first winery. Zichron Yaakov has a charming well-preserved 19th-century street.

Jerusalem tour

It is very possible to tour Jerusalem while staying in Tel Aviv. To read more about Jerusalem tour options please link here.

Judean Hills

Some of the options this tour could include are:

Participate in an archaeological dig in the Judean Hills.

Visit the Ella Valley, the battle site of David and Goliath.

Gate of Kayafa, the town of King David

Kayafa. An ancient 3000-year-old Jewish town with fascinating archaeology.

Ayalon Institute underground bullet Factory from the war of Independence. Discover how a group of teens helped win the war of Independence in 1948.



Food Market, Jerusalem

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