Experience the Wonder of Israel Like Never Before


Step into the world of Exclusive Israel Tours, where the allure of history, the mystique of culture, and the spirit of the Holy Land merge into an experience that’s as unique as you. Our commitment? To help you discover the incredible tapestry of Israel, right through the eyes of local experts who have lived, breathed, and loved every corner of this remarkable land.



Our founder, Ari Melnik, isn’t just another tour operator. He’s an Israeli native, a former IDF combat soldier, a history scholar, and an impassioned emissary for the state of Israel. Raised in an English-speaking household, Ari has been sharing the incredible tale of Israel’s resilience and beauty with the world for almost two decades. His message is as profound as it is simple: Israel is a miracle.



Why Choose Exclusive Israel Tours?

Because we are all about creating perfectly-tailored private tours that embody your personal interests, needs, and schedule. Whether your fascination lies with history, religion, culture, or adventure, our team has the knowledge, passion, and dedication to sculpt an unforgettable experience designed specifically for you.



We offer comprehensive arrangements, taking care of everything from transportation and accommodation to sightseeing and activities. With our insider’s perspective, you’ll have exclusive access to the best of Israel – from the timeless streets of Jerusalem to the vibrant buzz of Tel Aviv, and all the hidden gems in between.



Whether you’re a first-time visitor on a journey of discovery, or a returning traveler longing to reconnect, Exclusive Israel Tours is your means to experiencing the miracle of Israel. Reach out to us today for a free consultation, and embark on the journey of a lifetime – your dream trip to Israel.



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