Israel Wine Tour : Experience the elegance of the ‘Wine Country’

Come and taste the finery of Israel with us. Israel’s wine tours are a luxury affair that you need to experience once in your lifetime. The country is known for perfecting its winery industry and becoming globally famous for it. Vacation in the Promised Land and view it through a new prism of wine and delicious cuisine. We advise you to go on a winery tour in the area of your choice with the most knowledgeable Israeli wine expert.  


Enjoy the gourmet wine-tasting tour, and learn about all facets of Israeli wines, including the varieties of grapes used and how to cultivate them. Contact us, and we will organize a private tour of a winery in the region of your choice. You can choose from a half-day to a full-week private Israeli wine tour. 

Discover Israel like never before with the best wine-tasting tours:  

Golan Heights- the central landmark for Israel’s wine revolution  

The Golan Heights, or Golan region, is located in the country’s northeast, up to 1,200 meters above sea level. In the 1980s, new world winemaking skills first entered Israel from this region, sparking a revolution in the production of high-quality wines. It is a volcanic plateau that looks out over the Sea of Galilee and has snow-capped Mount Hermon on the northern side. Volcanic tuff and basalt stone make up the soil, making it incredibly fertile. 



On the Golan Heights, wineries can be visited, including:  

Golan Heights– The place that started a quality revolution for wine in Israel.

Assaf– Visit the exclusive Kedem Wine Village.

Bazelet Hagolan- The oldest boutique winery on Golan.

Chateau Golan– Visit for a luxurious experience.

There are also secret independent winemakers we contact for special visits.


Galilee Region – the most spectacular wine region in Israel 

North of the country, elevations can reach 900 meters above sea level. Most of the vineyards are in Lebanon’s adjacent Upper Galilee. Plunging hills, craggy ridges, gushing streams, and woods define the area. The late 1990s saw a wine rebirth in this region, which was well-known for wine in Biblical times. Today, it is the wine region with the quickest growth. When you take an Israel wine tour in Galilee, be ready to experience beautiful sights with delicious wine. Gravel, terra rossa, volcanic, and soils of all types can be found here which make the soil diverse and suitable for growing multiple grape varieties. 



The following wineries are among those in the Galilee wine area that can be visited: 

Adir –An establishment providing a unique dairy and winery experience in one setting. 

Capsouto Owned by a world-renowned New York restaurateur who later turned Israeli wine grower. 

Dalton – A pioneer boutique of quality wine in the region of Galilee. 

Galil Mountains- a large producer which emphasizes sustainability and regenerative agriculture.


Mt. Carmel & Sharon Plain Region- Israel’s most classic and legendary wine area 

Baron Edmond de Rothschild first developed vineyards in the Mt. Carmel wine region in the 1880s, which is located south of Haifa on the northern shore in the Mount Carmel lowlands with up to 500 meters of elevation. After 2,000 years, this represented the rebirth of the Israeli wine industry. It goes onto the Sharon Plain, which is home to many wineries, just north of Tel Aviv. The Mediterranean Sea’s moderating influence has an impact on the area. Terra rossa, chalk, limestone, and calcareous clay make up the soil types.  

Barak, winemaker at Somek winery


The following wineries are located in the Mt. Carmel & Sharon wine region: 

Bar Maor- Individualistic and unique. They practice non-interference winemaking.

Carmel –The oldest and world-renowned winery in Israel.

Dadah – Get to taste a little bit of Morocco with Israel. They have kept their roots close to them with their grandmother’s winemaking style.  

Margalit – Israel’s first cult wine.

Recanati –Mediterranean-style wines.

Tishbi Come and indulge in exclusive wine & chocolate combinations.


The Judean Hills Area – The most vibrant region, with superior winemaking and boutique wineries

On the hills leading up to the Jerusalem mountains, in the country’s middle, are the Judean Hills. Since the beginning of the 1990s, the area has seen a resurgence. It is characterized by a larger number of boutique wineries that produce wine from uniquely cultivated grapes. The vineyards lie 400 to 900 meters above sea level, with shallow terra rossa soils on limestone bedrock.  



In the Judean Hills wine region, you may visit the following wineries: 

Clos de Gat – Israel’s one of the most exclusive estate wineries. 

Castel – Sets the bar for quality and style in Israel. Old-world style wines.

Ella Valley– Taste the wine of beautiful vineyards on the site of David and Goliath’s battle.

Tzora – Wines produced by Israel’s first Master of wine, Eran Pick.  

Zafririn- Taste with a touch of History. It is owned by archaeologists.  


Negev region: bringing the desert to life

Israel’s southernmost region is home to the Negev Wine Region. To realize David Ben Gurion’s vision of making the desert blossom, vineyards have been planted in the Negev desert. Higher elevation vineyards like those at Ramat Arad, Sde Boker, and Mitzpe Ramon are typical. Elevations range from 500 to 800 meters above sea level, with sandy loam and loess as the soil types.  



The following wineries can be visited in the Negev wine region:  

Midbar – Showcasing vines and wines from the desert.  

Ramat Negev – Pioneers in the Negev region. 

Yatir – Famously known as the King of the desert forest. 


When you take an Israel Wine Tour you get the opportunity to learn about Israel’s wine regions, wineries, and wines along with an adventurous rollercoaster of your interests in history, people, religion, and gastronomy. 

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