Spend a Day Floating in the Dead Sea

If you are thinking, ‘Can you float in the Dead Sea?

The answer to that is an absolute: “yes!”. When visiting Israel, spending a day floating in the Dead Sea will be an enriching experience you will never forget. The Dead Sea or Al-Baḥr Al-Mayyit (“Sea of Death”) in Arabic, and Yam HaMelaẖ (“Salt Sea”) in Hebrew, is one of the most popular bucket list destinations around the world. All year long, tourists travel to this location, and the weather is practically always perfect for floating. The Dead Sea, also known as the Salt Sea, is a landlocked body of water bounded on the east by Jordan and on the west by Israel. 

Pack your stuff to visit this beautiful destination like no other. It has a stunning desert setting, and special therapeutic properties, and is known globally as a natural wonder. Come prepared to hike, sunbathe, ride, swim, and relax; there are also many activities in the region. 

When is the perfect time to float in the Dead Sea?  

While people look forward all year to taking advantage of the sun’s and salt’s curative and therapeutic properties, it is best to plan your trip around the weather. 

Fall- The best time to visit the Dead Sea is during the fall, which lasts from September through November. Many people visit the Dead Sea on the Israel side during Sukkot, Yom Kippur, and Rosh Hashanah because of the celebrations and other events. 

Winter- December through February, is considered the winter season. Even if the temperatures begin to drop in November, many travelers from around the world still choose the winter to float in the Dead Sea. It appears to be a welcome getaway for people who long for warmer weather during these months when snowfall is common in many parts of the world. 

Spring at the Dead Sea – March through May is considered springtime. The odds of rain are as low as it gets. The weather is mild, and lodging costs are lower than they would be in the fall. Therefore, considering March, April and May is highly recommended.

Summertime- In the Dead Sea June through August are considered summer months. The humidity and heat of the day during this time of year can make floating in the Dead Sea somewhat less enjoyable. Although, it doesn’t deter the fun seekers and adventurers.

How to Reach the Dead Sea? 

The Dead Sea excursion is popular among tourists as a day trip. It is quite easy to go by public transportation from Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea. The Arlozorov Station in Tel Aviv, which is also known as the bus terminal, has two daily departures at 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. Up to 14 days in advance, reservations can be booked using the Egged website, or consider contacting a private tour guide for the best suggestions suited to your particular needs.  

A private shuttle bus offers escorted tours of the Dead Sea, and taxis are also available.  

The Dead Sea can also be reached by rental car/taxi from Tel Aviv,  and it can be a memorable experience. The routes are scenic and considered “eye candy”. This option also provides the greatest independence. 

Dead Sea

A complete 101 for floating in the Dead Sea  

  1. Cover your entire body with mud. It is also safe for children. You can choose not to. It is mostly considered by people for its known health benefits. Magnesium, calcium, and potassium salts are abundant in the mud. It is regarded as a mask that increases beauty. Moreover, it is an enthralling experience. Your skin will glow!
  1. Go for a swim. If you’ve applied mud to your face, be careful not to rinse it off with seawater because the salty water can irritate your eyes. In the water, while swimming, avoid splashing or diving. Soak and float in the water to experience a pure, divine calmness. 
  1. Carry drinkable water. Due to the Dead Sea’s severe salinity, you must spend small amounts of time soaking. It is important to take a break and drink water to stay hydrated.  
  1. After soaking, take a shower. It is necessary to swim to rinse off the salt from the float.  

Pro Tips-  

  • After effects in some cases, you feel the saltiness even a day after your dip. 
  • Any wound or cut mark on your body feels like a sting, although it will not hurt a lot. You should definitely postpone your morning shave to the next day after you go swimming. 
  • Try not to take a soak in your favorite swimsuit. The salinity of the water tends to fade the fabric.  
  • Never let kids alone in the water. Adult supervision is necessary at all times.  
  • Sunset time is fabulous for photography. 
  • If you happen to get salt water in your eyes- don’t worry. Go out and rinse with plenty of fresh water. All beaches have showers right outside the water.
  • Better to float without jewelry.

If you are thinking about visiting Israel, check out the best times to visit.  






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