What is the best way to tour Israel?

Are you looking for the experience of a lifetime? Would you like to see off-the-beaten-path gems that only locals know? How can your trip to Israel be the best one possible? In the following article, we will try to answer these questions and more. Please don’t hesitate and contact us with any other questions you may have. We are always happy to help anyone who would like to travel to Israel. Your dream trip is our mission.


Is traveling to Israel safe?

Many tourists who visited Israel feel It’s the safest country in the world. You can roam the streets freely anywhere in the country without concern. Statistics show Israel is safer than every American city with over 250,000 people (Portland and Seattle excluded). 


Why pay for a private guide if you can just tour on your own?

A case study ordered by the Ministry of Tourism found that tour guides are the highest-ranking service in Israel. Israel is a diverse and fascinating place. While touring alone you may not notice things that locals do. Having a local tour guide opens up a world of knowledge and insight. Tour guides in Israel are well-educated, often having more than just a BA. They are experts and can make the difference between a mediocre trip to an amazing one. Many also have native English. In short- tour guides are a great shortcut saving you precious time.

If you would prefer to do things on your own, please read here.

Tour guide in Neve Tzedek


How is a trip to Israel Planned?

The best way is to hire an expert tour guide. He or she will discuss your needs, religious affiliation, and interests and build a perfect itinerary for you to enjoy.


What are the best places to visit in Israel?

While Israel is not a large country, it has many sites. Practically anywhere you throw a stone has a long history behind it. Popular places to visit include Masada, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Acre, Safed, and the Sea of Galilee. Special day tours are also a great option, such as a wine tour in the Judean hills. There are many more fascinating sites to explore. Your tour guide will know things that are difficult to come across on a web search.


How are hotels and sites booked?

The easiest way is to let your tour guide book these. That way, you don’t have to worry about anything. Of course, it’s up to you, and you are free to choose whatever suits you best. Make sure to double-check the hotels are in the vicinity of the touring area. Also, it’s worth noting you can tour more than half of the country while staying in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, without needing hotels in rural areas. Staying in the major cities will allow you to switch between fewer hotels.


How are tour guides trained?

There is a 2-year course and rigorous exams. After completing the course, an individual is permitted to enter the exam fase. First, there is a long written exam. Those who pass the written exam take an oral exam. This is a committee of experts that makes sure your tour guides have extensive knowledge of Israel. Even after passing the exam, most tour guides don’t stay in the profession for more than a year or two. In the end, those who stay for longer are both successful at what they do and love it. 


How do we travel?

Each tour guide has a state-regulated tourism vehicle called an “Eshkol”. Usually, this is a large air-conditioned van with 7 passenger seats. It also has a port for charging your phones, and a fridge to hold drinks and medicine if needed. For larger groups, we rent a minibus or larger.


What are the costs of a VIP tour to Israel?

It’s common to charge $900-$1000 per day of travel regardless of the number of participants. This cost includes transportation of up to 6 people. For groups on a bus, there is an extra charge. There could also be booking charges and overnight charges when sleeping out of the city. Entrance fees also vary. These are usually relatively minimal. A single document page will be sent to all clients with clear information regarding pricing. 


What if I need to cancel my trip?

We would recommend getting a “cancel for any reason” travel insurance. With recent world health events, better safe than sorry. This would ensure you are not charged for a trip you did not end up going on.


How do we connect?

It’s easy. Please use any form of contact on the website. We always try to reply as fast as possible. We are looking forward to hearing from you! To read more about private tours, click here.


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