Top 5 Spots to Vacation with Kids in Israel

The Holy Land is for people of all ages and different interests. Israel’s energy and charisma make everyone fall in love with the country. From beautiful beaches, zoos, aquariums, amusement parks, and water parks, to family-friendly museums, Israel is known for keeping tourists on their toes.  


Confused about how to make your trip to Israel fun for your kids? Not sure about the safest summer activities for kids? This is an updated list just for you! To help you keep the young visitors interested, informed, and entertained. When in Israel, introduce your kids to the full history of cultures with a bit of fun to see that spark in their eyes. It is especially important to keep the children stimulated after missing two summers due to Covid19. And what can be better than a family vacation!  


Here’s our tried-and-true comprehensive guide for fun activities to do with your kids in Israel:

Spend a day floating in the Dead Sea  

Spending a day with your kids floating in the Dead Sea is one of the most amazing experiences you will have. The Dead Sea has high salinity, with a 33% concentration of salt. This is almost 10X more than other oceans. Your kids are bound to have a blast floating around. Some who may be afraid of pools will also find it an interesting and sensory pleasure.  


Before stepping into the sea, cover yourself and your kids in some curative gooey mud. It is mostly considered by people for its known health benefits. Magnesium, calcium, and potassium salts are abundant in the muck. It is safe for children. Just jump in the water to wash it off for a little extra fun.  


Tip– Never let kids swim alone in the water. Adult supervision is necessary at all times. The water has high salinity and may sting a little in the eyes of the kids if they splash.  


Dead Sea


Plan a hike at the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve  

In proximity to the Dead Sea, this oasis is situated in the Judean Desert. It is the perfect place to start or end a fun day. The family-friendly trek features a trail through a cave as well as water play places and cute animals. The Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is a breathtaking location to take the whole family. Four springs gushing year-round in this paradise maintain its unique location and keep it lush and green even during the hottest times of summer. The site’s most well-liked trek for families is the Arugot Stream Trail. Kids will enjoy splashing about in the shallow water as they walk along this route, which goes along the riverbed. You must enter the water on this hike, so remember to pack your water shoes.  


Tip: You might get lucky and locate secret pools and waterfalls along the way! Let your kids splash in the water.  


Swim with the dolphins and snorkel in the Red Sea  

At the edge of Israel, the Red Sea offers some of the greatest snorkeling and scuba diving experiences in the world. Spend a day or two in the city of Eilat, discovering the stunning coastline, migratory birds, and desert scenery. The underwater scene that awaits you will be unlike anything else! Ensure to carry a wet suit with foot booties available for children. The temperatures might drop.  

The Underwater Observatory at Coral World Marine Park has a big glass that allows visitors of all ages to observe the vibrant fish and corals. You can see the crew feeding and interacting with the sharks in the park’s shark tank. You can also make your children’s dreams come true in Eilat. Visit the Dolphin Reef in Eilat to swim with the dolphins!  


Tip: Some activities have age and health restrictions. Be sure to pick the one that is most appropriate for your family.  


Visit Jerusalem with your kids  

After visiting the Wall and giving your kids an immersive experience of spirituality, plan a thrilling visit to learn history. Consider taking a private guided tour of the Western Wall Tunnels. Discover the gems of history by exploring the only remaining segments of the Temple Mount.  Interactive temple models may be found in the underground area, together with other archeological artifacts such as massive stone arches, water pits, and an old aqueduct.


In addition to the traditional Great Stone Tour, a new route called the Great Bridge Tour is available this year. The nearby 2,700-year-old Hezekiah’s Tunnel, a 1,750-foot (533-meter)-long water conduit, was uncovered in contemporary times in the City of David historical site. Choose between two tunnels that are either dry or knee-deep in water.  


Tip: Children above 5 are allowed. Height restrictions may also apply.  


Enjoy an evening of food hopping with your children in Israel 

Trying what the local cuisine has to offer is one of the finest parts of traveling. This is much greater in Israel than in other parts of the world because the country is home to a sizable immigrant population, which equals fantastic food! The Carmel Market in Tel Aviv is one of our two favorite marketplaces for families to visit. Another one is Mahane Yehuda Market, in Jerusalem. You can find a variety of delectable hummus, sweets stalls, and great locally squeezed juice here (just inside the entrance by the umbrella awning). 


Tip: Delight your kids with ‘Krembo’, a yummy chocolate-covered marshmallow snack unique to Israel. 


For a better experience for your children, consider hiring a private tour guide who is friendly and speaks English fluently. The custom-made itinerary will ensure you have most of the fun on your trip with the least hassle.


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