“Swords of Iron”: Understanding the war in Israel and How to Help

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Overview of “Swords of Iron” Operation (Updated November 1)


Question 1: Why is Israel suffocating the local innocent Palestinians?

  • Israel’s primary objective is the safety and security of its citizens. While it never intentionally targets civilians, the same cannot be said for Hamas.
  • Hamas is known to place military targets within civilian areas, leading to unintended casualties, and currently holds 229 hostages, including babies, toddlers, and elderly civilians.
  • Any restrictions or measures in place by Israel aim to prevent terrorist activities and protect both Israeli and Palestinian civilians.
  • Israel has consistently facilitated the entry of humanitarian aid and essential supplies into Palestinian areas. The challenge lies in distinguishing between innocent Palestinians and those who pose a threat.

Question 2: Why doesn’t Israel call for a ceasefire?

  • Israel is deeply committed to peace and has historically agreed to multiple ceasefires. However, Hamas adheres to a radical ideology that opposes the existence of the State of Israel and has expressed deeply prejudiced views against Jews.
  • They’ve acted upon this ideology, massacring over 1,400 civilians with heinous acts of rape and mutilation.
  • Negotiating with a group holding such beliefs can be likened to debating with entities that hold extremist views akin to the Nazis.
  • For a ceasefire to be effective, both parties involved need to honor its terms. Israel seeks to ensure the safety of its citizens and will only agree to a ceasefire when there’s confidence that the terms will be genuinely respected.

Question 3: Is Hamas a minority?

  • Hamas won a majority in the Palestinian legislative elections in 2006 and has since maintained control over the Gaza Strip.
  • They do have a broad base of support, and while there are many Palestinians who may not agree with all of Hamas’s policies, the group undoubtedly holds a significant influence in the region.

Operational and Intelligence Challenges

Despite diligent efforts by the IDF and the intelligence sector, significant shortcomings allowed Hamas’s year-long meticulously planned assault to be more devastating than anticipated. These gaps will undergo thorough post-conflict analysis.

Political Developments

Benny Gantz has taken a critical role in a unity government, guiding the nation during these times of crisis. The U.S. has warned Hezbollah against getting involved. President Biden has promised in person to back Israel. He acknowledged the hospital bombing t with Islamic Jihad.

The deployment of two American aircraft carriers to the region, combined with the fact that the American president is set to arrive during an ongoing conflict, is unprecedented. This illustrates a significant concern from the U.S. over a potential serious escalation in the situation. Iran fired missiles from Yemen to Israel. The United States carrier intercepted them. Some claim further escalation could result in a world war.


Casualties and Abductions: Israel’s Gravest Single-Day Terror Attack against Jews

This attack stands as the deadliest single-day terror assault against Jews in the Western hemisphere in the last 100 years.

      • Over 3,000 civilians injured
      • 1,400 civilian deaths
      • A tragic loss of 260 young lives at an outdoor event
      • Over 325 military casualties
      • Israel subjected to over 5,000 missile strikes
      • 240 Israelis confirmed abducted in Gaza
      • 126,000 evacuated Israelis

Hamas in Gaza

Hamas’s brutalities equate them to extremist factions like ISIS. 21 Jewish settlements suffered horrific atrocities under Hamas, ranging from rape to mutilation. All these settlements have now been freed from Hamas terrorists. Israel is currently penetrating the Gaza strip.


Operation Swords of Iron & Israel’s Counteraction

Israel’s response:

      • Deploying 360,000 reserve troops
      • An overwhelming civilian resource and support response
      • Advising Gaza citizens to evacuate via the Raffa exit to Egypt
      • Neutralizing around 1,500 Hamas terrorists
      • Elimination of the top Hamas assault leader


Hospital Bombing- false news

Hamas accused Israel of bombing a hospital and causing the tragic death of 500 children. Global media outlets, including the likes of BBC, echoed these accusations against Israel. However, after a thorough investigation, the IDF presented evidence proving that the actual culprit was a misfired rocket from the Islamic Jihad, not an Israeli operation. This incident highlights the vital importance of verifying information in conflict zones.

Hezbollah’s Escalating Threat and Iran tenticles

With a deadly arsenal from Iran, Hezbollah poses a greater threat than Hamas. The group’s hostility has increased with daily shootings reported. Earlier today, four Hezbollah terrorists attempting to breach the border fence were neutralized. Due to the heightened threat, 28 villages on the Lebanese border have been evacuated. 14 more villages will be evacuated. Hezbollah has already fired 250 missiles into Israel and has tried to breach the border multiple times. Israel warns Lebanon that any escalation will end badly.

There have been attacks on American targets from the Red Sea and Yemen. There have been multiple breaching attempts from Lebanon and missiles from Syria.

Yemen has fired missiles towards Israel from over 1000 miles away. So far they have been intercepted. Yemen officially declared war on Israel.

Global Contribution: Knowledge is Power

Materials and writings discovered among Hamas members indicate that their beliefs and actions are ideologically aligned with extremist groups like ISIS and bear the racial antisemitism reminiscent of the Nazis.

The world media often shows antisemitic tendencies in its reporting on Israel. Recently, many news outlets quickly spread Hamas’s claim that Israel bombed a hospital, killing 500 children. But after a thorough check, Israel proved this was false. In fact, the explosion near the hospital came from a missile Islamic Jihad fired at Israel.

To combat hatred and misinformation online, follow this link.

Hamas in Gaza


Donate for Israel

Financial aid is pivotal. Donations can be directed to reliable channels. Every contribution matters, with more options forthcoming.

  1. Nir Oz: Kibbutz Nir Oz in Israel underwent a horrific massacre. Dozens were murdered, suffocated by smoke or kidnapped to the Gaza Strip. Dozens are still missing. This is in Hebrew but easy to navigate. Hit this link, scroll down. Choose either 50 (sheckels) or second option to choose a different amount in sheckels. Then mark the next circle (which means it’s a one-time donation). Then fill out your name on the right and your phone number on the left. Then Choose the first blue button (credit payment) and make the payment. You can also make an international bank transfer: International bank transfers should be made to: Kibbutz Nir Oz
    Mizrahi Tefahot Bank LTD 20. Ofakim branch 437. Account 193880. IBAN: IL34 0204 3700 0000 0193 880
    SWIFT: Mizbilit
  2. Kibbutz Be’eri suffered a terrible loss of  112 of its residents. This was a horrific and barbaric slaughter. Donations can be transferred directly to the kibbutz bank account. Please download this PDF with the bank account details. Bank account- Be’eri
  3. Kibbutz Reim: Underwent a brutal terrorist attack when dozens of Hamas terrorists penetrated the Kibbutz, slaughtering and injuring a large number of civilians, women, children and senior citizens. Many are still missing. Donate here.


In these challenging moments, worldwide solidarity and proactive measures can truly make a difference for Israel.

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